Temple Tours: Ko Samui

Having been to a temple tour in Bangkok which took half the day, you would think I would have been bored by all these temples by now. To be honest, even I had thought the same but I wasn’t bored of these temples. I still loved feeling that sense of tranquillity that surrounded me whenever […]

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The Mime Order By Samantha Shannon

They made thieves of us, time to steal back what’s ours.  Paige Mahoney and the Seven Seals return in the much anticipated second book in The Bone Season series. The Mime Order continues on from Paige’s escape from Sheol I with the other voyants. As if Paige doesn’t have enough troubles already, she is a […]

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Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are deliciously indulging and perfect for the summer season. Whether you’re having a tea party, a garden party, a picnic or you just simply want to treat yourself, these blueberry muffins are perfect! I had made these blueberry muffins yesterday, and it was good fun to be baking again. I am hoping to […]

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Temple Tours: Bangkok

The grand, detailed architecture, and rich colours, of the temples were so captivating that I was immersed in taking pictures of my beautiful surroundings. There was a tranquil ambiance that surrounded many of these magnificent temples. My family and I spent half the day visiting temples, it was tiring but that didn’t matter as we […]

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Majestic Far East: Bangkok

Every single moment spent on holiday is worth treasuring, but there were two that stood out for me during my trip to Bangkok. The temple tour and the rooftop restaurant at the Banyan Tree Hotel are definitely the most memorable. Unfortunately I missed out on the floating market, which is on the weekends. Thailand is […]

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Why You Should Travel

The feeling you get when you experience other cultures, and explore other country is not something you can easily formulate into words. The sense of being free and experiencing new things makes you realize there is a world out there that is different from yours. Traveling is a bit like embarking on a spiritual journey. […]

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