Why You Should Travel

The feeling you get when you experience other cultures, and explore other country is not something you can easily formulate into words. The sense of being free and experiencing new things makes you realize there is a world out there that is different from yours.

Traveling is a bit like embarking on a spiritual journey. As Danny Kaye said, “to travel is to take a journey into yourself.” He’s absolutely right, you discover aspects of yourself you never knew existed hence you find yourself saying, “I can’t believe I just did that!” “I never thought I would do that.” You take more risks, conquer fears be it a fear of heights or the water.

If you’re not a morning person it pretty much is an achievement to wake up early with a willingness to explore and go for an adventure. You truly begin to live life just like Hans Christian Andersen said. Frankly speaking, you’re embracing that self-discovery, and that journey will never stop until you become the true example of, “the only person that knows you better is yourself.”

There is no doubt that traveling broadens your perception, and may possibly challenge your perception of life, or how you see the world. It’s the perfect way to unwind, forget about your worries. Now you wouldn’t want that amazing spa experience slip by, would you?

Focus on the now, and look forward to tomorrow’s adventure. You feel much happier, you laugh and smile a lot which is not something you do regularly thanks to your usual routine. Now that’s a perfect example of Paulo Coelho, “if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine it is lethal.”

So spread those wings and fly. Traveling turns you into a storytelling, so go ahead and write that novel. A novel doesn’t just have a beginning and an end; it also has an adventure in the middle.

Got any reasons why a person should travel? Feel free to share by commenting below.


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