Majestic Far East: Bangkok

A temple in the grounds of the Grand Palace

Every single moment spent on holiday is worth treasuring, but there were two that stood out for me during my trip to Bangkok. The temple tour and the rooftop restaurant at the Banyan Tree Hotel are definitely the most memorable. Unfortunately I missed out on the floating market, which is on the weekends.

Thailand is a majestic and breath-taking country that I fell in love with. From the culture, food and people, to the architecture and scenery, I wasn’t left disappointed. If you’re someone who loves the heat, the weather is amazing but Bangkok was congested.

As a Londoner, I learnt to appreciate the traffic here in the UK because it is nothing compared to Bangkok. In Bangkok the traffic follow a one way system which can be frustrating if you need to be somewhere.

The tour guide was brilliant and good fun; she told me and my family everything we needed to know about the temples, the history and some of the mythical stories that were painted onto the walls of the temples. Their architecture was amazing; the temples were grand and very detailed, it was fascinating. There was a peaceful vibe that surrounded many of them which was refreshing. Thanks to their beauty, I could not stop clicking away with my camera.

The view of the rooftop restaurant, Vertigo, at the Banyan Tree Hotel

Although we had a tour guide, we were familiar with some deities that she mentioned as Thai people also worship Hindu deities such as; Vishnu (the preserver), Brama (the creator), Shiva (the destroyer) and their consorts Lakshmi (prosperity, good health and fortune), Sarasvati (music and knowledge), and the ten forms of Shakti (Kali, Durga, Sherawali, etc). I will not go into detail about them as that would be other very detailed blog posts altogether.

Not much time was spent at the night market because it does get a bit seedy at night in Bangkok and very busy in the markets too.

Shiva (The Destroyer)

We were hosted well wherever we went to eat, especially hotel we stayed at (The Landmark). Being vegetarians, or vegans as they would call us, the waiters and sometimes the chef would come and double check with us what we can and can’t have, or they would make us something vegetarian which wasn’t on the menu!

Overall, I rate my experience in Bangkok 8 out of 10.

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