Temple Tours: Bangkok

Paint work illustrating myths and legends which adorn the walls of The Grand Palace

The grand, detailed architecture, and rich colours, of the temples were so captivating that I was immersed in taking pictures of my beautiful surroundings. There was a tranquil ambiance that surrounded many of these magnificent temples. My family and I spent half the day visiting temples, it was tiring but that didn’t matter as we were too busy enjoying our view.

The temples were just as beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside, with old myths, legends, historical and religious stories of Thailand, Buddhism, and some of Hindu culture, painted onto the walls of the temples. As I had mentioned in my previous blog, we were familiar with Hindu myths, legends, sacred stories and the deities. I always found the history, the myths, and legends of Asia intriguing that I always want to know more.

The architectural details of the temples in The Grand Palace

Some temples prohibited pictures while some allowed you to take pictures, but you would have to turn the flash off on your camera. The temples are definitely worth seeing, and I highly recommend going. If you have booked a tour guide I recommend the temple tour which includes other amazing temples.

There is a slight dress code when going to the temples; sleeveless tops and shorts are prohibited, you can only wear full sleeve or half sleeve tops. If you do wear a sleeveless top, make sure you take a light cardigan with you. When entering the temples, you must enter barefoot.

Here are the temples which I got to see.

Temple Of The Golden Buddha

Made using real gold, the golden Buddha is said to be the world’s largest solid gold statue.

Temple Of The Golden Buddha
Golden Buddha

The Reclining Buddha

This is a temple that I have been excited about, and I am glad I went. The Reclining Buddha takes up the entire temple; all you see as you walk along is a very long, very large Buddha laying down.

Reclining Buddha

On the back of Buddha’s feet, pictured below, are some patterns. These patterns are chakras, which saints and holy figures were said to have on the front of their hands and on the backs of their feet.

Chakras on the back of the Reclining Buddha’s feet

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace used to be the residence of the king, but is now partially opened to the public as a museum. It is a major tourist attraction and is extremely busy here.



The Grand Palace was absolutely beautiful with numerous temples including The Temple Of The Emerald Buddha. The grounds of the palace were beautiful with open lawns and gardens.



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