Ariyasom Villa: Na Aroon Resturant

Sometimes it can be hard eating out whether you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, but not to worry, as I will be sure to share some places where the herbivore can enjoy food without having to worry about what’s inside, or lack of choices. Unless of course you have done you’re research beforehand.

My family and I were very well hosted at the Na Aroon restaurant at the Ariyasom Villa, and this was the case wherever we went to eat. The waiters were absolutely brilliant! Upon learning we were a family of vegetarians, they gave us recommendations, and told us what’s vegetarian on the menu. Not only that, but they would come to us to clarify what we can and can’t eat, asking us whether we can have milk or cheese. Again this was the case wherever we ate; sometimes the chefs themselves would come and talk to us about our dietary requirements.

Ariyasoma flowers
National flowers

Lantern Ariyasoma

We ate outside in the pool area, and were surrounded by trees and lanterns. It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful. That’s the best thing about Thailand, wherever I went I felt this tranquil ambiance and that’s one of the reasons why I had fell in love Thailand. It was nice to enjoy dinner in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

The food was absolutely delicious and enjoyable. For starters we had different kinds of tofu; marinated, deep fried, etc. and these small triangular pieces of toast accompanied by different sources. There was one particular source that was absolutely delicious, peanut source, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Ariyasoma starters

The main course and desert was absolutely delicious as well, we had curry and stir fry with jasmine rice and black rice, which we all shared between us.

Ariyasoma main dish
Main dish

As we were on holiday, we all said we would try something different, something we don’t usually have back at home; so then for a drink we decided to have this “Pandana” drink which tasted ricey but was still delicious. Pandana is a plant that is only in Bangkok, I am not sure if it is available in other parts of Thailand.

The drink looks a bit like water, and is accompanied by syrup which you would have to mix into your drink otherwise it would just taste plain and bland.

The “Pandana” desert on the other hand tasted different from the drink. This one was sweet and milky, but still tasted absolutely delicious.

Pandana drink
Pandana drink
Pandana desert
Pandana desert

As we enjoyed the food so much and we were so well hosted, we went back there for dinner on our last night. Overall, I rate the Na Aroon restaurant nine out of ten.


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