The Banyan Tree: Vertigo Restaurant

Banyan Tree Tabel

It was a fine evening; humid with a bit of a breeze, my family and I had a reservation at the rooftop restaurant, Vertigo, in the Banyan Tree Hotel. Just like the Na Aroon restaurant, we were hosted very well. We had notified the chef beforehand that we were a family of vegetarian, so no meat, sea food, or eggs in our food. We had also notified the waiters about this when we got there.

The atmosphere was amazing, again it was quiet, peaceful, and we enjoyed our meal taking in the fabulous view of the city. It was exceptional at night when all the city lights were on.

The chef, Daniel, himself came out and meet us a view times to check if we enjoyed the food. The waiters would come to double check with us about our dietary requirements, mostly asking if we can have milk or cheese.

Noodles Side Dish
Complimentary Noodles

For the main course I had a risotto which was little bit heavy for me, I had only managed to have half of it otherwise it was delicious. There was also a complimentary dish which came with it, noodles which had a lovely tangy zesty flavour, it was delicious. We all felt the complimentary dish would be better as a main dish.

We were getting ready to choose what desert we would have, when the waiter told us that Chef Daniel was making us a desert. The desert was absolutely delicious; there were different deserts on a plate; a mint chocolate ball with raspberry puree, sweet jasmine rice with mango on top, chocolate, and sweet jasmine rice again this time with a strawberry on the top.


As we had gone to Thailand to celebrate my mother turning sixty, my mother’s desert had a small chocolate plaque with happy birthday written in gold. They had also lit two sparklers on it. The waiter had approached with her desert singing happy birthday, and we joined in. It was very thoughtful of Chef Daniel and the staff!

The view from vertigo
The view from the restaurant

Going towards the end of the night, the waiter came to us with a camera and took a group photo of us, and gave each of us our own copy. It was a memorable night, and I definitely recommend Vertigo.

The staff was brilliant and very friendly, as was Chef Daniel, they hosted us very well, the food was good and the view was spectacular; overall, I give Vertigo a 9 out of 10


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