The Mime Order By Samantha Shannon

They made thieves of us, time to steal back what’s ours.

 Paige Mahoney and the Seven Seals return in the much anticipated second book in The Bone Season series. The Mime Order continues on from Paige’s escape from Sheol I with the other voyants. As if Paige doesn’t have enough troubles already, she is a wanted fugitive in Scion. To make matters worse, her relationship with her mime-lord, Jaxon Hall, is a rocky one as she rebels to uncover Scions secrets and the darkness that has been lurking in the shadows.

The Mime Order

Samantha Shannon sucks you into the world of Paige Mahoney instantly, pulling you out of your comfort zone and into a dark underworld that is London. Suddenly the city that you live/know of is very unfamiliar to you. Camden is a black market and London is no safe haven for a person with supernatural powers, otherwise known as clairvoyant. Clairvoyants are seen as ‘other’ or as many non-clairvoyants call them, ‘unnatural.’ To them, they are dangerous and a threat.

It does make you feel a bit guilty as you feel how intriguing and compelling London is as a dark underworld. It’s impossible to stop reading as you wonder what will become of Scion.

The citadel of London is dark and sinister; yet you want to walk alongside Paige Mahoney in those dark streets and uncover the big corruption that lies behind it. Along with the main protagonist you wish to expose the darkness, but you want to do this for your own selfish reasons; you want to know what happens next. You want to find out what those secrets are, and what will happen to Paige and Scion.

Samantha had developed some of the characters further, giving you a chance to get to know them a bit better. However, not too much of the characters are given away as there is another five books to go. It seems like Samantha is revealing the characters and their backstory’s to us little by little, as not to take the spotlight off Paige. The author also gives you a glimpse of the other members and their positions within the Seven Seals.

As Paige’s relationship with her mime lord is put to the test, Samantha exposes us to the two sides of Jaxon Hall. The first being the man that had given them shelter and jobs. A side of him that makes you think that maybe he does have an iota of care for them. Then of course you have another side of him as money hungry mime lord who doesn’t care about the corruption behind Scion. This makes you think the members of the Seven Seals are just puppets for him just like them and the rest of the voyants are puppets to those that have been controlling Scion.

To be quite honest with you, it seems as if Samantha is portraying a sinister image of reality. It wasn’t something I had completely thought of until I read The Mime Order. The clairvoyants succumb to the power and corruption of the people that control Scion, instilling fear in them and making them feel inferior so they don’t revolt. For how long can a person live in fear and succumb to corruption? Someone had to send alarm bells ringing, and that someone being Paige Mahoney. Does she succeed in bringing justice to the people of Scion? That you’ll have to find out in all the other books that have yet to come.

Want to give this a read? The Mime Order is available at Waterstones in store and online.


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