Majestic Middle East: Ko Samui

Welcome to Samui
Outside Ko Samui airport

Ko Samui was the perfect (and only) island holiday I have been on so far. Although me and my family spent most of our time relaxing we did get to do some exploring too so it was the perfect combination of the two.

We stayed at the Melati Beach Resort and Spa where we had a whole villa to ourselves, and our own beach which we shared with the other people staying at the resort. It felt so good walking bare foot on the sand, and enjoying the sun and the sea. You always get a sense of being free on the beach feeling sandy ground and the soft waves with your bare feet.

The air we breathed in was fresh and clean in Ko Samui, this was a far cry from the big smoke. I do love London, but this was paradise.

Dinner on the Beach
Dinner On The Beach

At first we were worried about what we would do on an island for seven days, and whether it would be enough. The Melati Beach Resort and Spa was absolutely brilliant they always had some activities for us to do. Our first night started with a bang; we had dinner on the beach under the stars. It felt amazing to feel the cool zephyr circling around you as you ate your meal occasionally looking up at the stars. The sound of the waves as you devoured your delicious meal was soothing, a bit too soothing that I found myself trying hard not to fall asleep.

We spent quite a lot of time in the spa getting massages, and scrubs at the resort even though were going to get all that done at the Tamarind Springs Spa. Never have I fallen asleep during a massage before; I had only even taken a nap once after a massage. I found myself either nodding off or getting a good nap while getting a massage. The masseur’s were great asking if the pressure they are massaging you at is okay.

Melati grounds
The grounds of the Melati Beach Resort & Spa
The Beach

With everything being made from scratch, we ate fresh food on the island. As we ate well, everything we ate in the city just wasn’t the same. Nothing tasted the same as it did in Ko Samui.

Whenever we left our villa we were often cheerfully greeted by the workers that passed us. It felt so nice to be greeted cheerfully. The people were very nice, and very humble that it puts you in good spirits. Again, there was that positive vibe that surrounded me.

I could go on and on about Ko Samui but this post would end up being too long. There is definitely one thing that I am completely sure off, that I would definitely go back there someday and I would be happy if I do.


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