A Lazy Sunday With Ms Cupcake

Ms Cupcakes

Sunday has always been the perfect day for a lazy day, so what could possibly be better then enjoying a treat like these deliciously indulging cupcakes by Ms Cupcake.

Based in Brixton in the UK, and known by their ethos as ‘the naughtiest cupcakes in town,’ there is nothing you can not love about Ms Cupcake. From their cheeky branding to their delicious delights, Ms Cupcake is the perfect place to shop for vegan and gluten free sugary delights.

On Sunday I got to marvel and enjoy Ms Cupcakes tiramasu, jaffa cake, rose, and strawberries and cream cupcakes. I went for the Strawberries and Cream cupcake, which was delicious.Although the icing was quite sugary and sweet, it did not put me off.

Ms Cupcake

Normally, I am not a fan of icing sugar, but I loved how the icing used on these cupcakes would melt in your mouth. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a bakery that does egg free cakes and cupcakes. Bakeries that do both egg and egg free cupcakes have a very limited choice of eggless cakes and cupcake which can be rather frustrating at times. So it is pretty awesome that bakery’s like Ms Cupcakes exist for the vegan and gluten free community.

Not only does Ms Cupcake do sugary delights, but she does savories too, which I have yet to sample.

Cakes, Cupcakes, and bakery items can be ordered on the Ms Cupcake website. If you want to learn how to make their deliciously indulging cakes, you can get Ms Cupcake’s recipe book via Amazon.


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