The Melati Beach Resort & Spa Restaurant: The View

The View

If you have chosen to stay at the Melati Beach Resort & Spa during your holiday in Ko Samui, then you have definitely made a great choice. Not only is the culture great, the people are friendly, you get hosted well, but you also eat very well.

When I mean you eat very well, I mean the food on the island is fresh nothing is transported. Eating the food, you can tell what you are eating has been made from scratch; the pasta, the pizza, the rice used in the risotto, the drinks are made fresh, everything you consume is fresh and made from scratch.

Summer salad
Summer Salad


Consuming fresh foods for a week made such a difference that when you go back to city you live in, the food just isnโ€™t the same.

I would highly recommend the banana fritters served with ice cream, and honey. It was so delicious and indulging dipping the fritters into the honey and ice cream. The honey had this zesty twist to it as they added lemon in it.

Banana and Ice cream and honey
Banana Fritters

Banana, ice cream and honey

The smoothies were absolutely delicious and healthy and would definitely satisfy your taste buds. I would definitely recommend you try the Melati Classic, and the blueberry, pineapple and ginger smoothie. There are so many recommendations I could give you, but that would take up so much time.

My family and I were hosted so well in the restaurant at Melati; we didnโ€™t feel the need to go anywhere else to eat. The staff was so friendly and they double checked our dietary requirements with us, the service we received was excellent, even the food was delicious.

Blueberry smoothie
Blueberry Smoothie

The View, is the restaurant at the Melati where everyone goes for breakfast anyway, so if you are staying there you would get to sample the delicious food there. The restaurant is absolutely brilliant, catering for everyone in terms of their dietary requirements. I was impressed they had a gluten free corner, which was vegan as well. The gluten free corner consisted of cereals, breakfast muffins, breads. The only set-back was how limited the gluten free choices were, I had wished they had more choices of gluten-free food. Other than that they cater for meat eaters, vegetarians, and people who have gluten and dairy free diets.

Natural honey machine
Natural Honey

Natural honey

There was so much that you can eat, I always made sure that I didnโ€™t order the same thing everyday, and went something different but I have to admit I couldnโ€™t get enough of the pasta!

If I were to go back to Ko Samui, I would defiantly stay at the Melati Beach Resort & Spa at enjoy the relaxing soothing ambiance, the massages, and of course the delicious food served at The View. I definitely rate The View, nine and a half out of ten.


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