Majestic Southeast Asia: Singapore

Singapore City

Singapore is definitely a city to fall in love with, and there are many reasons for this. The first thing that will strike you about this city is how and clean and how safe it is. It is so safe that you can wonder around in the odd hours in the morning. My family and I found ourselves taking in the beauty of the city and enjoying our time there until half one or two in the morning. We only stayed there for three days so we did as much as we could squeeze into those three days.

Singapore Bridge

The city looks so spectacular at night, especially when the Supertrees light up. Yes, I did go to The Supertrees Grove, and it was incredible. It feels as if you have stepped into the film Avatar, hence my family and I nicknamed it ‘the Avatar gardens. Apparently it was the inspiration behind Pandora in the film; I’m not sure if this is entirely true, but if it is I wouldn’t be surprised. I won’t go into too much detail about the Supertrees as that’s for a different blog post. Singapore really is a city in a garden, and that’s what makes it unique.


The Singaporeans are so nice and polite, it was pleasant to see people jogging, cycling and running during the day, and sometimes in the evening. Once again I experienced that same peacefulness I had in Bangkok and Ko Samui.

The cleanliness of the city is very impressive considering this is not something they take lightly. You can literally lie down or sit down on the pavement if you wanted to without worrying about getting your clothes dirty (yes it’s that clean!). You don’t have to worry about accidently stepping on chewing gum or pet litter as no pets and chewing gum are allowed in Singapore. The cleanliness of Singapore doesn’t stop there.

There is a shopping outlet in the train station that made it look exactly like a department store. Shopping is BIG out there you will see will see that wherever you go thanks to the various designer boutiques and high street store like H&M and Forever 21.


Along with its incredible nightlife comes the comfort of hotel beds and delicious food. My family and I stayed at the Marina Bay, which is well known for its infinity pool. We did not eat in the hotel often and instead went out to eat, but there were only three places we had eaten at that really stood out for me, and would definitely eat at again; VeganBurg, Pollen, and Eight Treasures. VeganBurg was a vegan burger place in The Financial Times building that did delicious mock meat burgers; you can also enjoy mock meat at Eight Treasures in Chinatown. Pollen was a classier restaurant where we enjoyed a seven course meal; the restaurant is situated in the flower dome.

Overall, I have had such an amazing time Singapore, and I have fallen in love with this city. I would definitely go again.

Singapore day


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