Singapore’s China Town

China Town

I’ve been to China Town here in London before, and I can tell you the hype is nothing compared to the one in Singapore.  Singapore’s China Town is filled with markets selling all sorts. I went to Singapore before the Chinese New Year, so there were a lot of decorations celebrating the year of the goat. It was absolutely packed that you have to keep on moving to avoid getting separated from those you have travelled with. This made it difficult to take some decent pictures, so my apologies for some of the pictures.

There were a variety of things being sold at the market; food, coconut water, Chinese New Year decorations, clothing, furniture, print, Buddha’s and statues, and so much more. I had brought a couple of things from the market; a really cute skirt and I really needed my own tag for my suitcase so I go a panda one. I am quite impressed with the clothing they sell in the markets in Bangkok and in Singapore because the colour does not come off when you wash them. I think that’s because they have not been chemically dyed which is great! When I first brought the skirt I was thinking what if the colour comes off and I ruin it in the washing machine, but I didn’t have to worry about that, so all good.

China Town Markets

China Town Markets 2

We spent quite some time in China Town checking out the markets, but we also made a quick stop to enjoy the view of a Hindu temples architecture as we went passed it.

After spending quite some time in the markets, we sat down for a spot of lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, Eight Treasures, which was really delightful and really weird because of some of the mock meat. Anyway, that’s for the next blog post so I won’t go on about that.

China Town Hindu TempleChina Town Hindu Temple 2

Overall, I had a really fun time in Singapore’s China Town; I loved the atmosphere, the markets, and of course the food. Although the business was sometimes, annoying I still liked all that hustle bustle because of how lively the vibe in China Town was.


3 thoughts on “Singapore’s China Town

  1. Yet, the China-town of Singapore is a bit too “sterile” and clear one. I think you should also visit China-town in Kuala-Lumpur with its’ market and street food, for me it looked more “alive”.


  2. These are such fun posts and really made me want to visit Singapore. It’s so amazing to see Chinatowns all over the worlds and how people adapt their culture to different settings 😀

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