Mykonos Town

mykonos town blog 1

Although it was a relaxing holiday, a little exploration is a must. I decided to explore Mykonos Town, which is an adorable little town only twenty minutes away from where I was staying.

The walk from the car to the town gave me the opportunity to see Little Venice, which was quite packed! I do wish I had explored Little Venice a bit more. It was pleasant to see the ships sailing on the sea shore, and the super adorable mills which looked like tiny little houses. Just like the rest of Mykonos, Little Venice and Mykonos Towns were picturesque. My surroundings were beautiful, I couldn’t help snapping pictures. Believe me when I say this, I took LOADS of pictures.

Mykonos Town Blog 2

Mykonos Town Blog 3

The town was very small, just walk around for twenty-minutes and your tour of the town will be complete. There were many small shops selling items ranging from footwear, clothing and accessories, to art and souvenirs. Some of the shops looked tiny from the outside, but when you enter the shop, it is quite spacious.

Mykonos Town Blog 4

After a tour of Mykonos Town, you can end your day with some good food, including some delicious ice cream. Unfortunately, I did not grab a bite to eat at Mykonos Town or Little Venice due to the scarcity of veg friendly places. So, I settled for eating at the hotel where I was staying, the Grand Palace, but that is for me to discuss in my next post!


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