The Grand Palace, Mykonos

If you are planning a trip to Mykonos, I highly recommend The Grand Palace resort and spa.

My room had a balcony with a gorgeous sea view. Looking to the right you could see a cliff with adorable white buildings. The balcony had a swing chair which I had spent the late afternoon watching the sunset, and the moon rise. It was beautiful to see the sky transitioning from light to dark. I cherish the time I had spent in Mykonos.


Speaking of the sea view, Mykonos has its own private beach where I had spent some time sunbathing. Being the bookworm that I am, I did take my copy of Cruel Beauty, along with me.


Of course, the beach was not the only place where I read peacefully. I did spend a little time reading in the library. Yes, The Grand Palace has a library, and I was quite happy about this. There was not very many books in the library, but that was completely fine as I had my own.


The location was very good, wherever I needed to go it was only a twenty-minute drive away from The Grand Palace. When it came to touring Mykonos I would let the reception know and they would arrange a car and a drive. Once I had finished touring, I would give the hotel a ring so they can come and pick me up.

The staff were super friendly and attentive, some of them were quite talkative which made out stay pleasant. I had to make sure that I put the door hanging on the outside otherwise a couple of staff members will come to tidy up my room.

big vases mykonos


Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at The Grand Palace, the grounds were beautiful and it was great how most of the places I went to were only twenty minutes away. The rooms were lovely, and I shall never forget the beautiful view of the sun setting and rising from my bedroom window. It was a change from my view of the street back home in London!




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