Mark Of Truth By Graceley Knox

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​Disclaimer: I had received a review copy of Mark Of Truth by Bare Naked Words in exchange of an honest review.

Ever Leath is the leader within the Magical Enforcement and Containment Agency (MECA). She has always known she is a half-breed until the arrival of her estranged mother turns her world upside down. Ever’s mother is determined to marry her off for political gain, no matter what the consequences are – even if it means Ever’s life. Searching for the truth leads to disturbing doubts about Ever’s heritage. Ever gets her answers along with the arrival of the Captain of the Royal Goblin Guards, and son of the current Goblin King, Dare Fitzpatrick.

Dare claims to know who Ever’s real father is, and that she could be in danger. She doubts him until he helps her to escape the clutches of her future husband and grants her shelter within the Goblin Kingdom.

Having previously been off-limits to half breed, staying in Goblin is a risk that Ever has to take to protect her loved ones. Neither Ever or Dare planned the fire that burns between them, but Dare is not one to take no for an answer. Ever knows she cannot afford to lose her heart to a cocky Goblin, despite her attraction to him.

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Mark Of Truth by Graceley Knox is a delightful debut novel with fast paced action and a forbidden romance between a half-breed and the Captain of the Royal Goblin Guards. Graceley Knox sets the scene by introducing us to the rivalry between the Elven Kingdom and Goblin Kingdom. Since birth, Ever was kept away from the Light Elven Kingdom, and away from politics that happen within the four walls of King Cadox’s castle, it was only after her mother arranges for her to marry Cashel that she gets revealed to the dark secrets kept by the Light Elven Kingdom

I admire Ever’s tom-boyishness and the fact that she is gutsy, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Her relationship with her team members at the Magical Enforcement and Containment Agency is contagious. They treat each other like blood related siblings, adding to the light hearted aspect to the story, while Ever’s discovery about who she is, and her relationship with Dare were quite intense.

Cashel, Ever’s suitor, is the typical villain; hungry for the throne, violent, and will not stop until he gets what he wants. It was very easy to dislike Cashel from his violent and sadistic behaviour. I found him and his mistress increasingly annoying and hoped they would be punished for their crimes. On the other hand, Dare seems to be the ‘knight in shining armour’ out of the two of them. To be honest, I felt there was a contrast between Dare and Cashel, both seem to have this dominance and determination to make Ever theirs. However, Dare is not violent, sadistic and greedy in his approach. He is genuinely interested in Ever, and both of them are attracted to one another. On the other hand, Cashel has an ulterior motive, and does not have good intentions.

The chemistry between Ever and Dare is intense, their sexual attraction and desire was evident from their first meeting. The sexual content in this novel is descriptive, hence Mark Of Truth is not for young readers under the age of 18.

Graceley Knox has created an enchanting story about Goblin, Elves, and half-breeds. Although, the story was enchanting it took me a while to get into it. There were parts in the story that I couldn’t quite connect with, and there were parts in the story I did. However, Mark Of Truth was still enjoyable, and I recommend it to anyone who loves elves , goblins and fantasy.


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