Into The Water By Paula Hawkins



Genre:  Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Fiction

Author: Paula Hawkins

Publisher: Transworld Publishers

Release Date: 2nd May

Into The Water is a gripping and suspenseful novel written by Paula Hawkins. After reading The Girl On The Train I did not think Paula could get any better because her debut novel had me at the edge of my seat with a pounding heart. Half-way through reading Into The Water I could not help guiltily thinking this story was even better than The Girl On The Train. Into The Water was jam packed full of suspense and I was determined to find out what happened to Nel Abbott – did she jump or was she pushed? Why was she so obsessed with the drowning pool and those who had died in it? I needed my questions to be answered. This novel was even more gripping than her debut novel.

Paula did what she does best – keeping the real culprit hidden amongst a sea of potential suspects. It was unclear who was the real culprit, until you get closer to the end of the story.

The concept, the mystery, and the suspense surrounding The Drowning Pool was just brilliant. Paula gave the Mill House, and The Drowning Pool a rich history going as far back as the witch trials. It was always a woman, and the rebel woman that gets drowned in The Drowning Pool. What makes it even more terrifying is the similarities between these women. These women have someone toxic in their life, are looking to be with a love they know they shouldn’t be with because they are either married or the person in question is a married man.

Nel’s obsession with Libby Seaton, and Libby’s history made me think that maybe the deaths that happened at The Drowning Pool had something to do with witch trials. I honestly thought maybe some witch trial fanatic was ‘punishing’ all the rebel women by pushing them into The Drowning Pool.

I was quite disappointed in Nel’s sister Julia. Yes, she was traumatised by what had happened to her in the past, but she did not have to cut her sister off completely. She could have heard her out, and maybe the misunderstanding which Nel’s ex-boyfriend had caused between them would have been cleared. I was disappointed because Nel had reached out to her sister wanting to talk urgently and focusing on what her sister was like towards her, her past insecurities, and her past trauma – Julia had ignored her sister’s calls. What was even more annoying was Julia acting like she new her sister and was clueless about a lot of things. The Nel Julia knew was different. Although Nel’s habits was somewhat the same, her life was different. Julia did not know who Nel was with, who she was seeing, and what was happening in her life presently. She did not even build a relationship with her niece until after her sister died. However, as we got towards the end of the story, I began to tolerate Julia.

Lena on the other hand, was just like her mother Nel. Lena was determined to uncover what had happened with her mother, believing it was linked to the death of her friend Katie. The way the story panned out made it seemed like Nel’s death either had a connection to witch trials or was linked to Katie’s death. Considering the fact that Katie’s mother despised Nel and Lena, and blamed Lena for her daughter’s death made me think Louise to be the culprit.

Louise is the perfect murder suspect – she is a grieving mother who celebrated Nel’s death, who wanted to wear a bright colour to Nel’s funeral, and it was Louise on the night that Nel died had excitedly told her husband this like she was breaking good news. She had no sympathy towards Lena for loosing her mother, and was rather glad that Nel had died. She stood out like a sore thumb amongst the murder suspects. She openly despised the Abbotts, and was secretive, and got her son to cover up for her about where she was on the night Nel had died. Of course, a writer would not give away the culprit so easily, so for this reason I ruled out Louise as the suspect even though it was very hard not to point the finger at her because the odds were stacked against her.

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins is a gripping and suspenseful novel that I could not stop reading, and I highly recommend.


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